Understanding Application Development And Maintenance

One of the recurring themes in the ongoing development of Information Technology (IT) as a discipline is the concept of “business-IT alignment”. It’s surprising we even have a need to talk about business-IT alignment given that we don’t talk about business-finance alignment or business-sales alignment or business-anything else alignment. Why is it that IT needs […]

The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

In the field of engineering there are virtually hundreds of fields that bare the name engineering. One of the most recognizable of engineering fields is a mechanical engineer. If you have ever driven a car, or flown in an airplane you have benefited from the work of a mechanical engineer. A Mechanical Engineering Career is […]

Access Some Reviews On Cars

As a case study in public relations let me explain one way in which a mobile car wash company used the idea of a Neighborhood Watch Program to propel a new type of community policing concept and reap the rewards of company goodwill for their efforts. When considering public relations for Car Wash Companies you […]

Jobs Available With An Automotive School Degree

Many who are interested in getting an education from an automotive school are unsure about the job security an automotive career can offer. There are a wide variety of jobs available to graduates of automotive school programs. Because car ownership and usage has only expanded in the past few decades, and continues to increase dramatically […]